Product Information

Suggest our guests with relevant information to encourage responsible tourism behavior

  • Support the local communities in all destinations
  • Do not litter at the destinations for our clients ,guide and for all staffs .
  • To request for taking photos for local people
  • Any disturbance of natural ecosystem is minimized that is a compensatory contribution to conservation management.
  • Do not participate in animal exploited in any places
  • Do not exploited on child labour

Sustainability Policy of Golden Orbit Travel -Myanmar commits to the following :

Labor conditions

We, Golden Orbit Travel abide by all Myanmar labor laws and try to raise above the labor standard for a sustainable long-term future together.

Reduce energy consumption

  • We use of energy efficient light bulbs at office.
  • Switch off policy in the office for lights, air condition and office equipment if not necessary to use.
  • Regularly maintain all office equipment to ensure for work efficiently such as air -condition and printer.

Transport to destinations policy

Train all our driver and suppliers for transporters in awareness of energy conservation measure such as turning off engines when waiting for clients.

Adjust the transportation as per group size to reduce emissions and more efficient use.

Carbon Offsetting

We will offset the carbon generated by domestic air flights and other transportation by planting a tree for every tourist booking, plan to cooperate with local organization.

Water Reduction Policy

  • Ensure our toilets flushes will be eco-friendly by a dual flush.
  • Ensure there are no leaks in the water pipes system
  • Do not keep taps running.
  • Using bows to wash up
  • Use local drinking water pot where available to refill water and prevent using plastic water bottle.

Waste Reduction and recycling policy

  • Reduce using plastic bags in the office and bring own bags on daily routine.
  • Reduce printings and re-use one sited papers for copier
  • Print both sides of paper
  • Make employees separate waste in dry and wet, measure, record and monitor numbers of bags of waste
  • Contact with wasted collector for recycle
  • Use only reusable water bottles, cups, glassed and lunch containers
  • Use only local hand towel instead of paper tissue to clean hand and wet places
  • Use environmental and natural cleaning products to reduce pollution
  • Use welcome present recycle travel bag
  • Purchase sustainably certified paper
  • Request tourists pack any used batteries to take home and recycle as there are limited recycling options in Myanmar.
  • A ‘leave-no-trace’ policy, for clients, guides and other employees alike.

Community Support

  • Purchase and use all welcome presents from local suppliers
  • Providing the trees to villages to plant to get shady and green environment
  • Donate to local community and association who are disable department
  • Donate Lunch at patients who are from Hospitals regularly
  • Donate monastery which give real support to spread out Buddhist
  • Donate schools utilities at villages who need education supports
  • Cooperate with local communities for ground operation


  • Inform all suppliers of our commitment to Travelife sustainability management.
  • Cooperate with sustainable suppliers


  • We aim to provide tourists with relevant information to encourage responsible tourism behavior
  • Support the local communities in all destinations.
  • A ‘leave-no-trace’ policy, for clients, guides and other employees alike, to do not litter the destination.
  • Any disturbance of natural ecosystems is minimized, rehabilitated, and there is a compensatory contribution to conservation management at all destinations.
  • We do not participate in any form of animal exploit and will contribute to the welfare of animals.

Sustainable Accommodation Policy

  • We solely cooperate with accommodations that follow to local Myanmar labour laws and do not engage in any activity that is in anyway harmful to children e.g. labour or child sex tourism, as well as any other form of exploit.
  • We deal with Accommodations that are mostly awarded green award hotels and using local products and amenities for guests

Staff Manual

  • Wear local product uniform for five days office hour
  • Our guide ear local product cloths while touring with guests

Marketing and advertising messages

Mostly we use local products with company logo for welcome present , marketing and advertising items.

Sustainable Goals

  • We will reduce waste from the office by 50 % over a year. •
  • We will reduce energy bills in the office by 35 % over a year. •
  • We will reduce water usage by 35 % over a year.
  • We aim to donate 3 dollars of our profits per traveller to our chosen projects:

1 dollar to Tree Plantation, 1 dollar to Local Health Care Centers and Hospitals , 1 dollar to Local Education.

Why and how?

Golden Orbit Travels realizes that we take responsibility and protect the environment for upcoming generations, as well as our own. Therefore, our company will implement this sustainability plan to become fully sustainable throughout our whole company, in every branch. Our sustainability plan makes sure all environmental legislation is being followed and implemented, our use of utilities is efficient and therefore minimized, and waste will be reduced, recycled and re-used whenever possible. Furthermore, we will try to invite everyone involved, to strive towards the protection of our environment and minimizing pollution. Everyone should think like minded and whether inside the office, transport, accommodation, or at the destination as a tourist or guide, we all should cooperate. Golden Orbit Travel will provide this cooperation, together with sufficient training and knowledge to all parties involved and/or interested. We make sure to openly communicate all our policies and practices and be open for any input. Together we can achieve more.
For questions and remarks related to our sustainability / CSR policies please contact us at with Ms Ohnmar Oo attention .